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Sunday 19th May 2019 | Text

Thumbnail Gallery - Workmeets

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Below is a table of "Thumbnail" images. Clicking on one of the pictures takes you to the higher quality image. WARNING These pictures may take some time to load depending on the speed of your connection.

New fire secape decking 17/04/2016 CMC from new access path 27/09/2015 New front doorstep 27/09/2015 Well earned tea break 26/09/2015 Inspecting the new stile 30/09/2015 Work on new stile 26/09/2015 Work in progress 26/09/2015
The new kitchen 26/07/2015 The new kitchen 26/07/2015 The new kitchen 26/07/2015 The new kitchen 26/07/2015 Kitchen renovation team 25/07/2015 Preparing to repaint ceiling 22/07/2015 Working on kitchen refit 20/07/2015
Replastering kitchen wall 20/07/2015 Library maintenance 27/09/2014 Gardening 27/09/2014 Repainting upstairs corridor 27/09/2014 Clearing drainage ditch 27/09/2014 Repainting front porch 27/09/2014 New steps to kitchen entrance 27/09/2014
New kitchen entrance 27/04/2013 All clean & redecorated 28/04/2013 Loose slates on chimney 26/04/2013 Ironing pillowcases 24/09/2011 Feeding time! 24/09/2011 Traditional Sunday bonfire 25/09/2011 Gardener Alan 24/09/2011
The Watson brothers in 'Mike's room' 24/09/2011 The new shade for upstairs landing 24/09/2011 Ladies washroom - job done 09/02/2010 Ladies washroom - ready for new installation 06/02/2010 Ladies washroom - out with the old 01/02/2010 The silicon kid 28/03/2009 Chair/Ladder without ropes 28/03/2009
A little light reading 28/03/2009 Mike's new grotto 28/03/2009 Food glorious food 28/03/2009 Awaiting the committee's decision 28/03/2009 Lord of the rings 28/03/2009 Where there's muck 28/03/2009 Some people get rotten jobs 28/03/2009
The Workmeet at the Hut 24/03/2001 Botterill's Slab - Wasdale Blank Image Blank Image Blank Image Blank Image Blank Image

Most of the pictures above were taken by CHAmois Club members. Credit is given where the photographer/artist is known. If you want your picture to appear on this page then email it to the Webmaster.